OSC needs your help with September 2020 kitten season! image

OSC needs your help with September 2020 kitten season!

We have so many cats and kittens that we are struggling to keep up.

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$4,000 goal

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Homeless Cats and Kittens Need Your Help!

As the September nights get colder, Orange Street Cats has had a series of urgent requests for help with cats and kittens. Frankly, we are slammed!

A week ago, a young worker was moving cement blocks with a forklift and discovered five tiny newborns, less than a week old kittens, lying in the dirt with no momma cat to be seen. OSC got the call and took them in right away. Thanks to our expert bottle baby volunteer foster family, all five are latching on to the bottle well an are coming along nicely!

Earlier this week, we answered a cry for help with a case where at least 25 cats and kittens had been dumped at a farm where the elderly caretaker could no longer look after them. On our first trip, we were able to take seven kittens, three of which needed needed immediate veterinary care to address respiratory illnesses and anemia. One small kitten, Felix, seen in this photo, is receiving oxygen 24/7 with severe pneumonia at the veterinary hospital as of the time of this writing. Felix is fighting for his life and we are fighting right there with him!

We were also asked to help with rehoming two lovely senior cats because their elderly owner is no longer able to provide care. Although this is heartbreaking, we will find a loving home for these cats so their family can rest easy.

The bottom line is we are now caring for more cats and kittens than usual, and we need your help. Medical expenses are approximately $250 to prepare one kitten for adoption, provided there are no other health issues. We request your donations to help provide this care. After wellness exams, spay/neuter, and all age-appropriate vaccinations, these loving little bundles will be ready for new homes.

Our goal is to get these cats and kittens on the road to good health, and adopted into wonderful, caring forever homes! Your generosity allows us to accomplish this goal, and help those in our community who need us so much. We could never do what we do without your thoughtful generosity. Thank you.